A seat by the window

Black And White Photography, David, Photography


This shot is yet another from the hospital. According to my records taken with my Nikon F4s and my trusty Nikon 20mm AIS. As the film was colour (Kodak 400asa) it was mini-lab developed ,and I scanned the negs at home with my Epson V700. It’s grainy but I think it just adds to this shot.

Goodnight. Sleep tight.

Black And White Photography, David, Photography


Bed frames on an abandoned ward at the hospital. The stuff where your imagination takes over and, nightmares begin.

Leica MP
Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AIS via Novoflex Lei/Nik adapter
Fuji Reala film shop developed home scanned
Scanned Epson V700
PP in Silver Efex Pro II

One from the archive.

Black And White Photography, David, Photography


This is a shot I took in 2011 when I did more urban exploration than I do today.
I took this at an old derelict hospital not far from my home. It has been sealed off and emptied in the past few years, and is no longer so much fun to photograph.

Leica MP
Nikon 20mm f/2,8 AIS (Novoflex Lei/Nik adapter)
Ilford XP2 store developed negatives
Home scanned Epson V700.