It’s All a Part of the Ride

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It's All Part Of The Ride

It’s All Part Of The Ride

Those of us who ride, love doing so on days when the sun is shining and the skies are clear,  no matter the temperature. Sometimes though, the day turns stormy, and we’re forced to pull over and wait out the rain. Once the clouds part, we’re on the road again, knowing that, in time, the wind will have us dry once again.

If you’ve visited Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things, you know that I love to seek new adventures while riding my motorcycle. In fact, the whole reason I started blogging was to be able to share my travels with family and friends who worried about me heading out on my own.  I’ve long been the one who uses photography to document the events in the lives of my friends and family, and it’s a natural fit to take the camera along with me on the ride.

While a complete photography amateur, I’ve grown a good bit since blogging with WP.  I’m thankful to the professionals and those far more advanced who have helped me along the way.  The other contributors to Monochomia will impress you with their skills.  I’m just hoping to make you smile with my enthusiasm.  I’ll be posting on Saturdays.

Thanks to Joe at The Visual Chronicle for gathering us together, for sheparding us through the process, and for his patience with me, in particular!