It’s All a Part of the Ride

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It's All Part Of The Ride

It’s All Part Of The Ride

Those of us who ride, love doing so on days when the sun is shining and the skies are clear,  no matter the temperature. Sometimes though, the day turns stormy, and we’re forced to pull over and wait out the rain. Once the clouds part, we’re on the road again, knowing that, in time, the wind will have us dry once again.

If you’ve visited Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things, you know that I love to seek new adventures while riding my motorcycle. In fact, the whole reason I started blogging was to be able to share my travels with family and friends who worried about me heading out on my own.  I’ve long been the one who uses photography to document the events in the lives of my friends and family, and it’s a natural fit to take the camera along with me on the ride.

While a complete photography amateur, I’ve grown a good bit since blogging with WP.  I’m thankful to the professionals and those far more advanced who have helped me along the way.  The other contributors to Monochomia will impress you with their skills.  I’m just hoping to make you smile with my enthusiasm.  I’ll be posting on Saturdays.

Thanks to Joe at The Visual Chronicle for gathering us together, for sheparding us through the process, and for his patience with me, in particular!

49 thoughts on “It’s All a Part of the Ride

  1. Great shot and introduction Laurie. Although I hate the rain I have found that it can help create some great photos. I’ve prepared myself for colder weather shooting as I live in WI and the winters are the longest season here. Now I’m thinking I need to also prepare myself for wet weather shooting as I always like the way everything looks when wet. Can’t to view more of your work on here. 🙂


    1. Hi Justin – so nice to meet you! I’ve always loved Wisconsin, but haven’t been there in over a decade. I’ll look forward to visiting your blog to see more of Wisconsin.


    1. Thank you, Mae. I was a bit nervous, but excited about being part of this new blog. I so appreciate you checking us out!
      Hope you had a great holiday weekend!


    1. Hmmm, I’ve been trying to figure out what your comment might mean. Do you mean why did I pull over? Or did I pull over?
      In terms of riding in the rain … sometimes you just have to keep on riding, and sometimes there’s time to pull over, and sometimes it’s a safety matter to pull over.
      Thanks for checking out our new blog!!


  2. You are a wonder of a woman LB. Caring practitioner, friend extrodinaire, dedicated sports fan, accomplished photographer, woman with her own motorbike (I’m impressed) and now an enthusiastic contributer at yet another site. We’re all lucky to have you in our lives. You leave a generous amount of love on everyone you touch. Congratulations and have fun with this new endeavour 😀 Love you K.


    1. K … you have made me smile with your words of love and support. I can not tell you how much your words mean to me. Thank you for this and for all you do to make us all feel loved.


  3. Amazing picture! I’m in love, for sure!

    You really did a great job and I am so happy that I have found your blog.

    It is amazing!

    Thank you so much for sharing the beauty with the rest of us! 🙂



      1. yes : M an fly safe when u twist-it on dat throttle fer da fun of it all, an save another crack at anopther day by being safe,: an well: as u know: watch out fer da other guy huh! i bwwn over a hood er 2 i should know lol. geez freiking driverzzzz…… have a great eve thanx fer da reply 🙂 Q


  4. And what an opportunity to pull over and take this great shot! I worry that if ever I fulfill the dream of riding a motorcycle I might just hit the open road and never come back!


  5. This image take me back to my riding days. I had no other means of transportation so would drive even in the rain, clothed in rain pants and matching rain jacket and a helmet. Unbelievable what college kids will do. Anyway, I love the balance between your black and whites in this image and the drops of rain. Stay safe!


    1. Thanks Emilio! I know of a guy in my town who rides year round, rain, sleet, snow, heat … you name it. Impressive! I love to ride … but not on slick roads. Glad you like the photo!


  6. Ah yes, I have experienced the “real life” version of your photo on many occasions over the years………some that prompted the little voice in my head to repeat “What are/were you thinking!!! You should NOT be out here!!!”…… which I reply……”But it will be beautiful shortly AND it’s too dangerous to pull over!!!!!” LOL!!!! It’s all part of “The Ride” and I love it (as does everyone in my family, for we all experience this same adventure!!)…….must be genetic!!!! LOL! The photo is awesome!!!! Hugs………………………..


    1. Doreen, I would so love to think that we might ride together some day! I’ll let you know when I’m on the way, and thanks so much for your support here on Monochromia!


    1. Ah Jim, you are so good for my spirit!! Thank you so very much! I was telling a patient / runner about you and your blog this past week. She started from walking and now is totally addicted!! It made me happy for her and made me think of you!


  7. I love this photo Laurie, it’s wonderful! You’ve captured rainy day mood so well! Great introduction, your enthusiasm and photos are admirable! 🙂


    1. Elina, thank you. I’ve been a bit intimidated being included with the rest of you all, but it’s all about growth, right? And FUN!!


  8. I love the way you took your rainy down time to grab this amazing image Laurie 🙂 It’s great you were able to take your Harley Davidson a amazing combination of all hard materials like metal, chrome and hard plastics and made it look soft and dreamy in your image. Well done !


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