Miscou Island



My name is Meho and I am a bench player here at Monochromia so I will be posting less often. I am very exited to be part of this group of bloggers. I would like to thank Joseph for the time he has put into making this blog a reality and the effort to gather everyone.

This is my debut to Monochromia. This photo was taken in Acadie, New-Brunswick. This is exactly at Miscou Island (google maps). This is a picture from the stairs of this old Lighthouse. I like the angle on this picture and the deep shadows and blacks.

I’ve always been impressed  Lighthouses. They are symbolic to a bygone era.

I was introduced to photography for the first time in the late 1980’s with my father’s old Minolta 35mm. Even at this young age, I was passionate about photography.  Later I decided to study photography at school, but my dreams came to an end when I realized that the courses I had just taken would have brought me to a career at a photo processing shop or at Sears family photo.  It was at that point I decided to request a bank loan and buy a camera (a used Nikon F1). I went with my heart and decided to take the artistic way… damn it.

For those who are not familiar this was a time (1995), where photography and processing your images was a fairly expensive endeavor. The prices for paper and chemicals were on the rise not to mention the expense of setting up a darkroom.  We were at the end of the film photography era and at the very beginning of digital era. It was like no man’s land!  I had no choice but to give up photography.  My financial situation was the one of a typical political science student in Montreal.

Some years later what really helped to get back my passion for photography was the WWW (world wide web), and the wave that was sweeping the world, affordable digital cameras. I say the web because I think it is primordial the be able to share your images with a community. And affordable digital gear gave me the opportunity get back into photography with less effort.

I am running my computer on a Linux operating system so, the software I use are Gimp and Darktable. These are both powerful open source software built by a community of developers and are available to anyone, free of charge.

Some facts about me :

  • Born : September 1975 in Quebec city
  • Cities where I lived : Montreal, Québec and Canmore, Alberta
  • Gear: Canon EOS Rebel T3 and Tamron 17-50mm
  • Favorite music : The Cinematic Orchestra, Amon Tobin, Radiohead… Jazz and baroque music
  • TV : I don’t watch to TV, except when it’s a documentary
  • Books : I like to read, but for some years now, I can’t read for more than 2 pages without falling asleep
  • Sports : In general I am not a sports fan but… I am a big fan of ice hockey
  • Photograph type : I love taking any type of pictures except for studio. Too expensive for me at the moment.

You can see more of my images at Le Mehograph 

23 thoughts on “Miscou Island

  1. Great shot and introduction Meho. I like the viewpoint through the window. It is nice to learn a little more about you as well. I am glad that you were able to get back into photography after the rough patches as your photos are something I always look forward to viewing. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more monochrome photos from you.


  2. I have always wanted to visit all the lighthouses on the East Coast of the US, and I’ve also wanted to ride the bike up to New Brunswick. Thank you for sharing a photo of something I love in a place that I dream to going to.


  3. Meho, Nice to meet you. A very interesting and well written intro to you, your passion, and to this site! I like that you chose the view you didfor your fist post here. Looking through a window. Somehow it takes on greater significance as an introduction. At least to me. Great shot!


  4. I am a very big fan of shooting in monochrome, so this is a welcome site and, sight! 🙂 I am almost an an even bigger fan of windows, so your images really ticks all the boxes for me. Lovely shot Meho, and nice to meet you.
    Have a great day.


  5. Great introduction and image Meho 🙂 I am a big fan of lighthouses also and Miscou Island looks like a beautiful place especially for us B&W junkies. Very nice job 🙂


    1. Thank for the help… 😉 and don’t be mystified. Miscou Island is not a place to visit. Do 2 hours more and get to Percé in Gaspesie. This is the place. Thank you Joseph!


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