Passing through

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It would give me every amount of pleasure to say I picked up the photography bug through the childhood influences of a parent, friend or relative who owned a half decent camera, let alone a dark room or even the tickle of the bug.  Economic circumstances limited my childhood photographic experiences. Film and its development were luxuries, clicks to be taken on special occasions, our family photos almost all a set of poses.  Yet my memories of such photos all belong outside the frame, to events before and after.  How cute we were, sitting on the grass dressed in our Sunday best in the grounds of the hospital where my father took us to visit my sad, unhappy mother.

That was then.  It was also a time when photojournalists sent shots over the wire of hyper-reality, from a man bouncing about on the moon to the burning highways of Vietnam and everything in between.  Every expression, every feeling known to man, woman and child. Photography could be an adventure, a learning experience, a window into life, anything we wanted it to be. I so wanted to be a part of it.

This is now.  After years of recording family adventures, smiles, tears, the whole kit and caboodle on film, I finally moved to digital along with a move from London to New York. Where I knew no-one. Where I now walk the streets shooting people.  Where with my camera I am never lonely.

Through the digital process and accumulation of posts at Nylon Daze I have been so grateful to have connected with so many talented photo-bloggers and I thank Joe from The Visual Chronicle for the invitation to be part of this exciting adventure. With the play of light and shadow, the intriguing visuals of Black & White photography lure us in to absorb and reflect.  To make of it what we will.  To make it our own.

Or so we hope, but then, what is the fun of photography without hope!






30 thoughts on “Passing through

  1. The fickle lense a cry in the shadows of our memory to awaken dormant thoughts and stray fragments of a connected time spent … As always Dianna


  2. Patti, the photograph is wonderful … but I have to tell you that it was your words I kept coming back to. You are a talented woman!


  3. Ahh – I’ve been waiting for your contribution to Monohromia Patti, and what a mesmerising shot to start with! Passing Through … passing by … the reflections and bubbles and merchandise and pedestrians all aswirl – a bit of a metaphor for our mental images of visiting a new city. Lovely 🙂


  4. Love that ghost reflection you caught in the window. This is almost an Alice Through The Looking Glass moment, so much going on you don’t quite know where to look first. And yet it works so well as a whole! Congratulations on a real beauty!


  5. I love the photo, Patti. It is hard and sharp and clean and crisp yet smooth and gentle all at once – fabulous capture. One of my favourites, and so fitting that it should be your first on Monochromia. And the writing – well, what a joy to read, as always. I could faff away a lot of time here! And that’s OK, too. xx


  6. 2 words: Beautiful (prose) and brilliant (photograph). Congratulations. I will be watching out for more…..


  7. I do like this picture- there is something of the ’50s sci fi movie poster about it, as if those unsuspecting New Yorkers were walking casually into a timewarp created by that sunglass-wearing Invisible Man… Thank you for posting it!


  8. Love the look of this! I also really love it when you write Patti, you have a great style akin to your images..I like the corners in your words, so satisfying to read..


  9. Wonderful photo Patti! I love the many dimensions and mirror-effects, busy city life! A great introduction also, you write in such a lovely way! 🙂


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