Beaux Art

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 The Candler Building in Atlanta, Georgia, built in 1906 by Coca-Cola magnate and former Mayor Asa Griggs Candler, draws upon the Beaux-Arts style which draws upon the principles of French neoclassicism and incorporates Gothic and Renaissance elements. To learn more about this historic building, now a beautifully renovated hotel, please see my personal blog post.


Bell Tower in Winter

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In the southwestern corner of Richmond, Virginia’s Capitol Square, at the intersection of Ninth and Franklin Streets, the red brick Bell Tower has stood since 1824.  It was once used for a guard house and the bell warned of fires.  During the Civil War, the bell sounded when Federal troops approached the city.  More recently, it was an office for Lt. Gov. Charles S. Robb (1978-82), and the Capitol Square Preservation Council.  It now serves as a Visitor Center for Virginia Tourism.

Last Minute Laurie

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What does the title have to do with the photo?

Not a darn thing!

Instead, it’s referring to the fact that Joe had to remind me to post this week.  And i’m sliding under the wire with 90 minutes to spare!