Toronto Skyline, Again

Black And White Photography, Devon, Photography

I have a very similar shot to this which was posted a while ago on this site. This one is much better as far as I’m concerned. better contrast and better light, but that should be obvious as I was talking this at dawn. Either way, I really love this shot, especially in black and white.


Black And White Photography, Devon, Photography

Originally this was a color image, but the contrast is so great that it pops with or without it. It’s just a garage but it was lit so perfectly by this one strong streetlight that I HAD to take a picture.

More Film !

Black And White Photography, Devon, Photography

How many people still shoot film? I think it’s a lot of fun, even if I vehemently disagree with the film fanatics who think everything should be created purely in the camera. Nobody prints in a darkroom anymore so I think all these modern day film photographers don’t even know about all the manipulations people did in the darkroom.

In any event, This is niceĀ and symmetrical and makes my inner-formalist nice and calm.

The Armstrong

Black And White Photography, Devon, Photography

One of the oldest apartment buildings in Calgary, AB. I even went old school with this and shot it on film! With a borrowed Mamiya 7, how can you not love rangefinder cameras?

Back In Calgary

Black And White Photography, Devon, Photography


Now this is is a real departure for me – I took a photo during the day!
Either way, I was about 5 minutes from home and these clouds looked amazing at sunset, and the Rockies looked much larger than usual off in the distance. I may be missing all the great street life of Toronto, but Calgary has some equally great natural landscapes nearby.

Street Car Yard

Black And White Photography, Devon, Photography


I love my tripod but sometimes there is an image that just needs to be taken, and it doesn’t matter how dark and tripod-less you are that moment. I took this on a Canon 7D at 1000 ISO!! With all the fine details, and especially all the black space I was super worried that this shot would be way too noisy. Though, as luck would have it, my camera handled this light level just perfectly, and I can’t believe I was able to get it so sharp at only 1/15th of a second.

Anyway, I won’t ramble – I just think this is one of my all time favorite images. I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Off In The Distance

Black And White Photography, Devon, Photography


Some days I am more artistic than others. I’ve moved across country this year, I guess this could be some sort of metaphor for that, or else it was just a fun departure from my usual style.

While this is an original composition, I have to admit that I had taken these clouds from a Google image search.