More Film !

Black And White Photography, Devon, Photography

How many people still shoot film? I think it’s a lot of fun, even if I vehemently disagree with the film fanatics who think everything should be created purely in the camera. Nobody prints in a darkroom anymore so I think all these modern day film photographers don’t even know about all the manipulations people did in the darkroom.

In any event, This is nice and symmetrical and makes my inner-formalist nice and calm.

4 thoughts on “More Film !

  1. Great image Devon 😀 I agree that most photographers that are 35 years old or younger have never actually manipulated images in a darkroom. In any case I’m glad your inner-formalist is calm (much better than yoga 😀 ). Awesome work.

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  2. So, it’s all about you, is it Devon? As it should be. Who cares film or digital? Darkroom or Lightroom? It is whatever format you enjoy and are most comfortable with! 🙂

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