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Stacy’s Cow

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Last week I had a post to which Stacy of Visual Venturing commented:

Woah! We don’t see stars like that in DC!! So awesome, Emilio 🙂

To which I replied:

You don’t get stars like this in Las Vegas, either. You have to get out where there is no ambient light from cities or towns. We have lots of desert around here. But around near my house it’s just like anywhere else.

And it continued:


True that, Emilio. How long a drive is it for you to reach star-studded spots like these?


We drove over 3 hours on Lynn’s birthday one year for night skies. Coming home we killed three rabbits crossing the road in front of us and almost collided with a random cow on the road in the dark. But we’ve just recently found a place about an hour away. The Las Vegas Strip gives off so much light you can see the glow even up in the mountains about a half hour away!


A cow?? Is there farmland out there in the hinterlands?? And an hour away – wow. So does that mean we won’t be seeing more photos from the Strip??

No, Stacy. It does not mean no more Strip photos! But yes, it does mean there is farmland out here in the hinterlands. The photo above is 63.21 miles away (according to Google Maps) which (also according to Google maps) translates to 1 hour and 1 minute away. But since no one drives the speed limit on the I-15 heading North out of Las Vegas, the trip is considerably shorter.

So, anyway, Stacy, don’t have a cow! Tomorrow I will post a photo from the Strip on Photos By Emilio. Just for you!

And Joe, sorry this image isn’t strictly black and white but it just seemed a bit too harsh without a slight tint. I’ll behave next week.