Black And White Photography, David, Photography

Meet Jared, an all round nice guy I know. Not a bad shot with Nikons 2nd cheapest Z lens. The 28mm is a few kroner cheaper.(Here in Norway anyway.)

Nikon Z6
Nikon Nikkor Z 40mm f/2
PP CaptureOne23


Black And White Photography, David, Photography

Meet my friend Ragnar. A great guy always ready with a smile and a laugh.
Nikon Z6
Nikon Nikkor Z 24-70 f/4.0
PP in CaptureOne 23 and Silver efex pro III

David by David

Black And White Photography, David, Photography

I took this candid of a very dear friend at an anniversary dinner we both attended in September 2021. I think this shot shows the glint in the eye and the sense of humour David has.

Leica Q2 Monochrom
iso 3200
1/60 f/2.5
No flash
pp CaptureOne 22


Black And White Photography, David, Photography

Meet Niklas, I’ve taken some shots of him before a fair while ago now. We got talking about photography in general and I couldn’t resist asking if I could take a picture of him with my new Q2M. I cropped it to remove the ear defenders he was wearing because they had lots of distracting text on them.I then printed it out at home and gave him a copy the next day.
It’s great in this digital age what a reaction you get when you present someone with a real picture not shown on a screen, or shared on some platform or other. Try going a little “Old school” and see for yourselves.

Leica Q2 monochrom
PP in Capture One (Which is great so far).


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Yvonne, an artist, whose mother is from Moravia and whose father is from Senegal. I really enjoyed working with Yvonne, who is a very lively subject. For this image I opted for an aperture of 1.4 to create a slightly dreamy effect and to focus attention o

The Dean

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Dan Burkholder © Steven Willard

Informal portrait of Dan Burkholder at a workshop on alternative photo processes before COVID forced him to move classes to the internet. Dan is a well known lecturer, teacher, author of several books on photography processes, and master printer. I have attended several of his workshops and enjoyed them all. I look forward to the time things return to normal and I can join him for another class.

Olympus Pen-F with  Lumix 42.5 f1.7 lens, processed in Snapseed.