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Meet Niklas, I’ve taken some shots of him before a fair while ago now. We got talking about photography in general and I couldn’t resist asking if I could take a picture of him with my new Q2M. I cropped it to remove the ear defenders he was wearing because they had lots of distracting text on them.I then printed it out at home and gave him a copy the next day.
It’s great in this digital age what a reaction you get when you present someone with a real picture not shown on a screen, or shared on some platform or other. Try going a little “Old school” and see for yourselves.

Leica Q2 monochrom
PP in Capture One (Which is great so far).

3 thoughts on “Niklas

    1. I’ll admit that I have worshiped at the Leica alter for many years. You can say what you like about that but they are great camera to use. When I spend a lot of time with black and white pictures it seemed like a natural progression. Just close your eyes when you strip a millimetre or two off charge card.

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      1. LOL I like that term “a millimeter or two”. Actually with the Q2 and Q2m’s being autofocus they really appeal to me. I have used the Leica M’s in the past on Leica walks in Manhattan and they are gorgeous cameras but I don’t think I would be able to get used to manual focusing. I’m way too spoiled.

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