Where’s the Glass Cleaner?

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I was walking by when the reflections of the wine glass and sunglasses caught my eye. It wasn’t until I looked at the image later that I realized that the wine glass, the window glass, and the sunglasses all needed a good cleaning!



2 thoughts on “Where’s the Glass Cleaner?

  1. Excellent image Laurie 😊 Glass cleaning is the story of my life LOL. I’m always noticing a spot on my eyeglasses or on a drinking glass and it drives me crazy unless I clean it.


    1. Hey Joe! Are you guys staying warm in these frigid temps?
      I have to chuckle about this image as the scene really caught my eye in the restaurant that day. Clearly though, it didn’t interest others as much because just a few handfuls of folks liked it. You know what though? I like it!
      You are the best for commenting on each and every Monochromia post!


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