Bad To The Bone

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 Fujifilm X100s – 1/850 @ f/2.8

I realize in the John Carpenter movie adaptation of the Steven King novel “Christine” they used a 58′ Plymouth Fury but this 57′ Chevy is just “Bad to the Ba..Ba..Bone” also.

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Signal When Turning

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Henderson NV

Henderson NV

 On a back road leading to our house, not 5 miles distant, we found this replica of an old Signal gas station! While we took photos, we could hear a pool party going on beyond the brick wall of the back yard adjacent to us as the smell of barbecue wafted our way.

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Rule Of Thirds

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Nelson NV

Nelson NV

Brent Mail is a professional photographer from Australia who recently interviewed Cole Thompson, a fine art photographer from the United States. It is a great interview. Please go take a peek! Among many of the things he said that resonated with me concerns the Rule Of Thirds:

“I have my own “Rule of Thirds”. (I don’t like Rules of Photography so I make up my own).

My Rule of Thirds says a great image is comprised of one-third vision, one-third the shot, and one-third processing.

The vision is what drives the other two-thirds.

It drives the shot because when I know what I want the final image to look like, that directs how I capture the image.

Likewise with the processing, which is where I do the majority of the creative work on the image, the vision drives it.”

Get used to his name. Cole Thompson. I expect to be quoting more of his interview from time to time!

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