Signal When Turning

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Henderson NV

Henderson NV

 On a back road leading to our house, not 5 miles distant, we found this replica of an old Signal gas station! While we took photos, we could hear a pool party going on beyond the brick wall of the back yard adjacent to us as the smell of barbecue wafted our way.

After you fill up, why not cruise on by Photos By Emilio for refreshments?

And thank you to the multi-talented Jaytee59 for my new gravatar. I love it!


25 thoughts on “Signal When Turning

  1. Well, this person’s house is out in the middle of nowhere but it’s a two story, newer home with a large gravel circular driveway. If you picture a square lot, the house is in the upper right and this gas station is lower left. It looks to me like he salvaged an old building and found signs and gas pumps and old cars to stage this. I hadn’t been back there since we first found the place- although, as I said, it’s very close to our own neighborhood, but I went back this past Wednesday night. All the cars have changed and I took new photos. Wait till you see them. I’ll work on them tonight and tomorrow and post sometime next week- maybe as early as Sunday!

    As for the cute Napolean gravatar, it’s not been retired. Just resting!


  2. Emilio, this certainly looks like it’s out in the middle of nowhere, and then to hear about the pool party next door? Interesting area you were in 😉 Now, I’m curious – when you say replica, was it staged to look this way, just sitting out there wherever it was? Or was it abandoned? From the looks of the age of the cars (both in style and in years), I would imagine this is NOT a working gas station. In any event, your post-processing definitely adds to the almost desolate feeling of the image – well-chosen effect!

    As for the avatar, I thought Napoleon was kinda cute myself 😉


    1. Yeah, I love those old movies. When I was first in New York and I saw the steam rising from the sewers in the streets I did not have a camera. I would love to get back there now!


    1. I never thought of that. Maybe! There was a circular driveway and then a lot of gravel yard where about ten or twenty cars were parked. We should have crashed the party. They never would have known!


    1. Thanks, Joe. This was one of the first images I ever processed with Lightroom and I still like the way it came out. I did darken it overall from the original processing and that’s all.


  3. Ich beneide dich um dieses Motiv, eine sehr schöne gelungene Aufnahme, die Perspektive ist gut gewählt.
    I love it !
    PS. Just found out, that all cars, planes & wagons you shot are in a bad condition, I wonder if you have something to do with this fact ! 😉


    1. I’ll have you know I’ve only ever had one ticket for speeding and one for an accident that I swear to this day was not my fault. 🙂 So no, I had nothing to do with the condition of the cars, planes and wagons in my photos. I just seem to be drawn to them!


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