Black And White Photography, C.S. Young Jr., Photography
Abandoned House on Moore Rd
Abandoned House on Moore Rd

While I love the weathered textures, rust and other features of decay, photographing an abandoned old house can bring mixed feelings.  There are melancholy thoughts of needless decline.  Why was this home neglected and forgotten?  But there is also an appreciation of the effort and sacrifice spent in building the home.  Lives were lived here, perhaps a family’s, it was their home.

There is peace found in the acceptance of impermanence as part of the cycle of life. There is after all, beauty in decay.

5 thoughts on “Impermanence

  1. Wonderful image Sam 👍🏻 There aren’t many abandoned homes on Long Island but we do have some abandoned institutions and businesses where Mother Nature is reclaiming them. I have the same kind of thoughts when I explore these abandoned institutions. For instance I wonder what kind of treatment the patients of KPPC (Kings Park Psychiatric Center) were given or if they were treated humanely during their stay. Most of the time I have to wear an N95 mask or respirator for fear of asbestos exposure while taking photos in these old buildings.

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