Gutted Building

Black And White Photography, C.S. Young Jr., Photography
Gutted Albermarle Building Composition 1

Gutted Albermarle Building Composition 1

This abandoned building in downtown Albermale, North Carolina has apparently been gutted to renovation. For the best viewing experience, click to see a high resolution version.


C. S.

3 thoughts on “Gutted Building

    1. Thanks Joe! Me too, but the older I get the more risk adverse I get walking through abandoned buildings interiors. The young urbex folk talk about the rush. I just experience fear of stepping on a nail, or falling through the rotted floorboard! 😉

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      1. Yes falling through a rotted floor board would really suck. Lots of the younger folks don’t even enter these spaces with any sort of respirator even though most abandoned institutions have deteriorating asbestos on their heating pipes and peeling lead paint.

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