4 thoughts on “Pop!

  1. So …what made me laugh about this image was the champagne cork embedded in the ice from some prior celebration. I knew not many would see it but it made me laugh. So despite the lack of photo quality, I went with it. Rest assured that I have some beauties to post in the next two weeks!

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  2. Is that some sort of moss still growing on that stone in this freezing weather Laurie ? I know lots of people love some snow in the winter but up here on Long Island its been snowing for 40 hours now and I’m really getting tired of shoveling LOL. Very cool image.

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    1. 40 hours of snow!! Be careful shoveling! For us, it’s been days of ice! The weather has been crazy for everyone… thankfuly, we don’t have Ted Cruz as a senator! 😁

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