Sitting on the stoop

Black And White Photography, Martha, Photography

This is a Sunday morning in the East Village, NYC, on St. Mark’s Place, where sitting out on the front stoop is still a common scene.

Talking to the Priest

Black And White Photography, David

Talking to the Priest

This shot is one of my very latest. People are what really fascinate me. I’m a lazy photographer and I just stand in one place while the family shops and wait for the world to pass by my lens. However owning a Leica will not turn you into Henri Cartier Bresson overnight, I’ve miles of film and hundreds of digital images to prove it.  However if you work at it, occasionally some magic happens, like this shot. I love the body language, and the facial expression of this lady talking to the local priest. Taken in Chios, Greece where I spent my summer holidays this year.

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Back Door Escape



ISO100 – F2.8 – 1/13 sec – 17mm – GIMP and G’MIC

There is always a back door for each restaurant and those are often looking spooky compared to the front one. It reminds me of gangster movies with famous back door escape.





ISO100 – F2.8 – 1/500 –  17mm – Darktable and GIMP

St-Roch is the neighborhood where anybody from different social classes can meet. Hummm…. Obviously, you’ll never meet a banker there but… Snack bar or gourmet restaurant, trendy pub or tavern, anything is there.



Black And White Photography, Patti, Photography

Hands and cigarette

Innocently striking a light down at Union Square when someone comes along and sticks a camera in her face.

Shot in the full light of day using a Nikon FM2, Kodak 400 TX, it really did feel as though I were shooting in the dark.