5 thoughts on “Coney Sands – In memory of Patricia Fogarty

    1. Angeline I regret to inform you as well as our other followers that Patricia Fogarty aka (Patti Kuche) passed away mid November of 2019 of a sudden and unexpected fall which resulted in a brain trauma from which she never recovered. She was in London at the time. To honor Patti we have been running all of her contributions to Monochromia from December 25th through January 15th 2020 with six posts per day.

      All of us miss what a great talented street photographer Patti was but personally I miss my dear friend immensely.


      1. Oh my! I have not been reading on WordPress much lately and did not know. I am deeply saddened to learn of her death. Patti was some one I truly looked up to as a great street photographer. I followed her more on Instagram than WP, and realized that mid November was her last post there.
        Thank you so much for letting me know. I am so sorry for your loss.

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        1. Thank you Angeline. Patti was more active on Instagram and Tumblr than on her own blog http://www.nylondaze.com That’s one of the reasons in late 2017 she informed me that she wanted to cut back on posting weekly on Monochromia. She was never a regimented photographer and was always uncomfortable posting on a schedule. I’ve always loved Patti’s photography but It was only after meeting her and becoming friends did I realize the true depth of this amazing woman. Any time I was in NYC we would meet up do a little shooting then talk for hours over a cold beer about everything under the sun. She was truly a wonderful friend.

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          1. You are truly blessed to have known her. I was always hoping I would be able to meet her whenever she might be in San Francisco next. Ah, I come away from this knowing even more how important it is to live every day to the max. Take care.

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