Grampians National Park

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Island in the Middle

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The view of Lake Wanaka from Rippon Winery

Tree Canopy

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As I walked through Sydney, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of these large, mature trees.  They were everywhere!

After 5 weeks of scheduled posts, I’m back from an incredible trip to New Zealand and Australia and will be posting more currently.  I’ve been sharing that journey in several posts on Life on the Bike.  So many photos / so many blog posts.  Pop on over if you have a minute, and know that I look forward to catching up on all of your blog posts, too.

Just Chillin’ By the Pool

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A 24 hour escape to Keswick Hall offered a snowy but oh so memorable experience!  You can learn more about this 100 year old Boutique Hotel by visiting here, here, and here at my personal blog Life on the Bike.


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20130615-untitled shoot

Now I’ll admit that Landscape shots are not what I’m good at. Those nice shots you see on chocolate boxes are great. With mine you’d have to give the chocolates away free. I have a mate who takes the most stunning landscapes. We live in Norway so it can’t be that hard..can it?  Well for me I’ve never cracked the code properly. I’ve read all the hints and tips, all the composition guides, waited for the light to be dramatic, and come home with nothing too exciting.  I think Landscape is just not my thing.

However having said that I do get the occasional shot that is worth a second glance like this one of the Sand buried church in the North of Denmark. Taken in late afternoon with my Nikon D800 and 24-70 lens then tweaked in Silver Efex Pro2.

I’ll just have to keep practicing :0)

The Salt Pond

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The Salt Pond

The Salt Pond

Vacation and another early morning walk, this time along the Salt Pond.

Seriously! How could a person not feel more peaceful just by gazing upon this reflection?  I try to remember this lovely scene as I balance the demands of life and while I may not always balance them as perfectly as this reflection, I do know that life is good and I am fortunate.  I hope the same for you.

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Morning in the Woods

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Depsite the rain and cloudy skies that I encountered while riding through the hills and hollers of Kentucky, I was none the less, struck by the beauty of the area.  Walking into the mist during an early morning hike in Breaks Interstate Park, I was surrounded by the quiet sounds of morning in the woods. The light coming through the trees let me know that the canyon was not too far off, but once I arrived, I had to use my imagination as to what lay before me.  No disappointment though … just peace.

The return to work, and life in general, has so far been a barrier to sharing the tales of my recent travels.  I will get it done, however, and I’ll hope you’ll come on over to Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things to ride those roads with me.

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