Balcony Man

Black And White Photography, Photography, Sherry

balcony man band w2

When in Spain, I found myself drawn to balconies, and I started making a series of images of them. And then people started appearing on the balconies…

Spiralling down…

Black And White Photography, Photography, Sherry

spiral bandw

It was worth every one of the 207 steps up this tower to see this beautiful spiral from above. This was taken from the top of the Santa Catalina tower in Valencia, Spain.


Big Face

Black And White Photography, Photography, Sherry


Sometimes you’re dreaming of your sailboat but you are stuck in the snow….

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Portrait Of An Opera House…

Black And White Photography, Photography, Sherry

opera house portrait

Some of the most futuristic architecture anywhere can be found in Valencia, Spain, at the City of Arts and Sciences. There are so many intriguing lines and angles that, as a photographer, I didn’t want to leave. This is the Opera House by Valencian-born Santiago Calatrava.





Voice Of An Angel

Black And White Photography, Photography, Sherry

Busker, Bethesda Arches, Central Park, New York City

What struck me first was that she had the voice of an angel…

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Guest Post – Sherry Galey

Black And White Photography, Photography, Sherry

Its my pleasure to introduce Sherry Galey as a new guest contributor to Monochromia. Some of you might already be familiar with her work on our sister group Life in Black & White on Facebook. I hope you will enjoy her work as much as I do.


Boats on the Bay, copyright Sherry Galey

For the last five years, this is how we spent our winters, on a 36-foot sailboat cruising between Florida and the Bahamas. It was bliss, but now that we’ve sold the boat, all I have are my memories…and my images. Now I will be spending all seasons in a small town just outside of Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

I’m delighted to make my debut as a guest contributor to this wonderful site and join a group of passionate and talented black and white photographers.

It was my father who first instilled in me a love of black and white photography way back in the sixties. He made the most beautiful images with his Rollieflex, many of which I still have and cherish. He never saw my black and whites, but I think he would like them.

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