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Taken in the Harbor East area of Baltimore during the 2018 holiday season. I only had my phone with me but couldn’t miss a steam shot.

Snaps from a business trip 1

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A little while ago I had a business trip to China. Because of the tightly packed schedule I only took my iPhone X and my wifes’ Sony RX100 Mk2. I will share some of the shots I managed to take in the next few weeks. Starting at the beginning. This was taken on one of the many flights I took, while there. Books sure look different there.

iPhone X
Hipstamatic app.


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Last Friday I attended a mini-concert by a popular Norwegian band Trang Fødsel. (Translation: Difficult Birth). At the end the Bass player got up on his bass to thank the crowd.

iPhone X

PP in Silver eFex Pro II

Girl Power!

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Statues in the snow outside Gustav Vigeland’s museum in Oslo. I walk past these three once a month or so they always look like they are giving me cheek as I walk past. I took this on Thursday evening the thaw seems to be setting in now so they were a little easier to take a picture of.

iPhone X