Coffee time

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Coffee time, Camden, Me. © Steven Willard

This fellow reminded me of my dad. I don’t know if it was his time in the Army during WWII, the effects of the Great Depression, or maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems to me that he and other folks of that era drank coffee in a more serious manner; almost like the devout drinkers one sees in neighborhood bars before lunch. I’d be interested to know what his reaction would be to Starbucks and other trendy coffee bars where one can spend more on a cup of coffee than he once earned in a day.

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The fuel that drives any camping trip that I’m on.  It’s the first thing that gets started in the morning, it’s a hand warmer on cool mornings, it’s what powers cooking breakfast and loading the gear for the day.

Life Gets Better

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Someone once said that life is so much better after a cappuccino and a croissant. I think moments like this, sitting down and enjoying a nice cup of coffee help us see everything in a brighter light.

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