Galleria Sciarra, Rome

Black And White Photography, C.S. Young Jr., Photography


Galleria Sciarra Composition 1
Galleria Sciarra Composition 1

Built between 1885 and 1888 the Galleria Sciarra was meant to be a shopping mall, but eventually became just a lovely courtyard in the center of an office building.  It lies hidden from most tourists just a few blocks from the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

Designed by architect Giulio De Angelis and commissioned by Prince Maffeo Barberini-Colonna di Sciarra to connect several pieces of his property, the Galleria Sciarra was built at a time of great change and modernization in Rome.

The gallery is covered in frescoes painted by Giuseppe Cellini in 1887 celebrating the “Glorification of Women”. The paintings are designed to symbolize what the artist saw as various female virtues: faithfulness, strength, patience, mercifulness, and justice, among others.

The frescoes are both intricate and beautiful and are done in an Art Nouveau style. The vaulted roof, made of iron and glass, was a popular and modern style at the time of construction, and though it’s not immediately as eye-catching as the art coating the walls, it adds a beautiful light to the space.


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