Black And White Photography, C.S. Young Jr., Photography
Koi Pond Vignette
Koi Pond Vignette

I’m taking a Mindfulness in Photography class at my local community art school. The discipline is about “seeing’ first, before the brain jumps to conceptualizing, comparing past experience, and any number of internal or external distractions. How often had I missed seeing the beauty of the morning light falling over the dew collecting on an iris leaf in my koi pond?


C. S.

8 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. A lovely shot with tone, texture, and shadow.

    You are to be commended for taking this course. Nothing makes our work stand out from the crowd as much as the consideration we put into it before the shutter is pushed.

    I had the opportunity and pleasure yo work with a very talented young lady. A question I often asked her was, “Why are you taking this picture?” One day after I asked her this it dawned on me that I should have been asking the same question of myself much more often. I am a retired teacher, and know full well the old saying, “You learn from your students.”


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