9 thoughts on “Daises

    1. Hello! Thank you!
      I didn’t know who is David Hamilton, I googled and still I doubt. It’s an older thing I suppose.
      I have a monocle lens. Nylon doesn’t work for me at all, vaseline is better but I feel pity for a filter πŸ™‚ Post-processing maybe is possible. I found out that decreasing dehaze and clarity PS can give a bit similar result but I don’t enjoy it that much too.


      1. You’re right, Alena. David Hamilton created his style during the 1970s: very dreamy and soft images. I own a Pentacon lens for quite similar effects. But, I use it way too seldom. Thus, I finally decided to try to sell it. But, I really like such images. I also prefer to make the image effects while photographing instead of in post-processing. Nevertheless, your’s is very, very good. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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