At an Exhibition

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With lockdown easing here in Norway it was possible to attend an exhibition of treasures loaned to a local gallery by the closed National Gallery. There were some real Norwegian treasures to look at. A great day out.

Leica Q2 Monochrom
ISO 3200
PP in Capture One (Yes. I’m trying out new Software. I’ve always missed Aperture and never felt totally at home in LR). Why did Apple give up on it?  So, Tim Cooke when you read this, as I’m sure you do each week you will know my pain 😊

5 thoughts on “At an Exhibition

    1. Hi alakajay,
      It is a very nice painting by a Norwegian artist Asta Nørregaard.(1853-1933)
      Painted in 1887/1889 It’s called Peasant Woman from Normandy. It was exhibited first in Copenhagen in 1888 but the artist may have re-worked the painting because it is dated 1889 and was shown at the World Expo in Paris that year.

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      1. Thanks. I had to look up the original painting that I found easily with the information you provided. It is a beautiful work of art indeed and I like your monochrome rendition just as much 🙂
        Thanks for sharing.

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