Tire Swing

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Mobile Photography

Somehow I arrived at my destination and realized that my camera was in my hand, the battery was fully charged back at home!  Argh!! Thankfully, I still had my cell phone.

15 thoughts on “Tire Swing

        1. While I am definitely having some fun, it’s the work and civic / volunteer stuff that has tapped my time. Ever present in my mind is getting back to blogging. I miss everyone!!!


  1. Awesome image Laurie 🙂 Hey sometimes these crazy things happen. I have left the house many times only to realize I left my SD card in the computer. Whether this image was taken with a camera or a cell phone its a keeper. Super work.


    1. Joe! I am here and actually responding to comments.
      I’m so, so, so behind! But at least I’m still posting, right?
      Thanks so much for your always generous comments. You’re the best!


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