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2018 NYC March For Our Lives – iPhone 8 Plus – 1/700 @ f/1.8
Thank you Sir Paul for attending the march and being gracious with the crowd. It was a pleasure meeting you.

“You say you want a revolution well, you know we ALL want to change the world”…

“You say you got a real solution well, you know we’d ALL love to see the PLAN”

McCartney – Lennon

9 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. You say you want a revolution ….
    But whats the best on this photo is the “WE” on his Tshirt, cause it makes it more intense …
    …well this is the most important MONOCHROMIA photo

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    1. Thank you so much Joerg 🙂 Believe it or not you are the first person to notice the “We” on this T-shirt and it was one of the details that I thought people would pick up right away. Like you once told me years ago “we see the same” 🙂

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