Meat Market by Moonlight

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Meat Market by Moonlight, Steven Willard

Meat Market by Moonlight, Steven Willard

The hills of northwest Connecticut were blanketed in a fresh snow. The winds had stilled, the clouds had lifted, and a full moon lit the countryside.

Pentax K10D with kit zoom.

12 thoughts on “Meat Market by Moonlight

    1. The sun was well below the horizon but there was a full moon and it was bright enough to read by. Add to that the reflected light off the snow and there was plenty of light. As for relaxing in that rocker, better wait for spring, it was cold!


  1. This is meat market? I’d be careful what I ordered from here. But no question about the image itself. Beautifully illuminated.


  2. This is a gorgeous shot Steven and I agree with Bullroarin. The strength of this shot is its simplicity. Its really amazing the way a full moon reflecting off the snow lights the image so perfectly that it casts shadows. Gorgeous work.


  3. Steven, I love this one. The strength of the photo is its simplicity. The soft (moonlit) shadows and the contrast is perfect. Others may differ in their opinions, but I rest in my choice, lol! Take care my friend. ~ Dave

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