21 thoughts on “The Pier

  1. Another spectacular shot Stacy 🙂 I wish the piers on Long Island were like this one I would have a field day with long exposures. Great work. Sorry I stole your thunder by replying to Emilio but I’m Italian and couldn’t help myself 🙂

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      1. So I should have read all the way through. And Joe, being Italian has nothing to do with stealing someone’s thunder! Look at me. You could take lessons!

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  2. OK, I have a question. never mind that this is another amazing image. Why is the brid on the shore out of focus, yet the wind sock is not? Some kind of trickery here? more than one image merged with another? Or are my eyes as crazy as I tend to be?

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      1. OK, guys.. Emilio knows long exposure. What I’m talking about is that there is no blur to the wind sock even though there must have been wind as it is sticking straight out!

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        1. I am guessing Stacy’s shutter speed was somewhere in the 30 to 40 second range in this shot. The bird was probably walking across the scene which is why it was blurry (if she could have gotten the shutter speed down to 90 to 120 seconds the bird wouldn’t have even recorded). As far as the wind sock goes its motion was probably limited due to the constant wind by the shoreline or not moving as much as the bird (if you magnify it the wind sock is little blurry also).


          1. Okay, so I went back and checked my settings, Joe, just out of curiosity. Apparently, I did not have my NDF on because I shot for 4 seconds at f/16, and the original image was exposed to the right. I don’t know why I wasn’t using a filter, though looking at the timestamps of my images from that particular shoot, I was on the beach from 6:20-6:50am. This shot was nearer to the end and I’m figuring I simply chose not to open my kit while standing so near to the surf. But then I could have used the built-in 3-stop filter on the camera. Who the heck knows WHAT I was thinking – apparently I hadn’t yet had my coffee that morning😜 Now I’m amazed it actually turned out 😉

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      1. Someday, maybe when I retire, I’ll finally learn the foreign language that you all speak. Until then, I’ll just continue to enjoy the results!


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