Where Harry Met Sally

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Katz's Deli, made famous in "When Harry Met Sally," lunch rush.
Katz’s Delicatessen, Ludlow and Houston Streets, New York City

For those of you familiar with the movie “When Harry Met Sally,” Katz’s was the location of the famous “I’ll have what she’s having” scene with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. In fact, hanging from the ceiling above the table where the scene was shot is a sign saying “Where Harry Met Sally… Hope you have what she had! Enjoy!!” And in the midst of all the bedlam and scores of people waiting to sit, this lone table stands empty. Have some fun pondering the reasons for that!

Katz's Deli, made famous in "When Harry Met Sally," lunch rush.

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22 thoughts on “Where Harry Met Sally

  1. Great captures, Stacy. I love to watch the first one… …so dynamic and so much discover. I mean it’s not the first time that I see an image with many people on. But yours captures people in the same moment doing the same thing: having lunch… …but everyone looks so individual and tells a different story. I like that one.


    1. Markus, thanks so much for your kind comment. It’s always interesting to learn what others “see” in an image and I love what you see here. I have to say that even had I not taken the photo, it’s a scene I will always remember. I’ve never experienced lunch quite like this!


  2. Wow, I love this shot… so much detail, I can look for ages at the different people, wonder what their story is and where they came from, why they are there….I love a story like that and you have filled the book with pages of detail. Imagine how noisy it is in there 🙂 Also now looking at a couple of blurred people shows the energy and fastness of the place…. great shot Stacy.


    1. Kaz, you’re doing double duty by leaving comments here and on my blog – thanks for that 🙂 I was amazed that the whole thing wasn’t more blurry, actually. I braced myself against a back wall and used a fairly fast shutter speed – of course, if memory serves, my camera was cranked up to 1000 ISO, which I had forgotten to change after leaving the dimly lit World Trade Center Memorial. I hate when I do that!!

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      1. I feel your pain. I cant work out why my shots are black…then I realise the last time I used the camera was putting it down to -5 adjusted exposure for a slow shutter photo on a bit too bright afternoon… doh!


    1. It’s huge, Patti! There’s been more tables around the corner in the back to the right. And it’s amazing the number of people queueing up for carry-out and for a table. It’s pandemonium, but what a great ride. And I must admit I found a photo I didn’t realize I had – one I wish I had posted along with this – and there are two young guys sitting at this special spot. Guess I just happened to catch that one shot at a good time – at least good for the story 🙂


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