Connecting the Boroughs

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Skyline, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges span the East River connecting Lower Manhattan to BrooklynView from the 46th Floor of the Millennium Hilton in Lower Manhattan

Waiting for the elevator, I just had to capture this stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge (right) and the Manhattan Bridge (left) spanning the East River to connect Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.

(Nikon D7100, 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, 18mm, 1/100 sec @ f/11, ISO 1000) 

For more photos from my travels, visit Visual Venturing.

23 thoughts on “Connecting the Boroughs

    1. Thanks, Elina! Unfortunately, there’s a great bit of noise in the image, as I shot it with my ISO set at 1000 (my mistake in not resetting my camera settings when I started out that morning – arrgh, I hate when that happens). I would love to print this and will have to play with the sizes, but I don’t expect I could more than an 8×10 out of it 😦

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    1. Okay, hit the reply button before I was done ( hate when that happens!) So to pick up where I left off, I’m much better at laughing at banter than I am participating in it. Emilio and Joe are fast on the uptake and way too clever for lil old me 🙂


  1. Wonderful image and viewpoint Stacy 🙂 The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most beautiful structures I have ever seen. If it wasn’t for the Brooklyn Bridge our mom’s wouldn’t have been able to say to us “If Emilio jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge does that mean you have to also ?”. Great work 🙂

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