So Good They Named It Twice

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New York New York Hotel and Casino  Las Vegas NV  October 15, 2016

New York New York Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas NV
October 15, 2016

 Yeah, there was a New York meetup this past weekend which I could not attend. That didn’t stop some 15 or 20 contributors to Monochromia. They all met in New York City and drank themselves silly. Some even took photos. Well, not to be outdone, and in the spirit of the meetup, I ventured out to the Las Vegas Strip to the New York New York casino, took some pictures, and had a beer.

Here you go, guys and gals. Bet you can’t tell this is not really New York City. Especially if you’re still hung over!

Guest Post – Alaka Jayasekara

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Tribute in Lights


My name is Alaka Jayasekara and my romance with monochrome photography goes hand in glove with my passion for all things old, from history to antiques and the mysteries of the past. Having grown up in the historical city of Kandy, the hill capital of the Island of Serendib (aka Ceylon aka Sri Lanka) also the city of my birth, an appreciation for culture and history likely runs in my blood.

Like one hears better with eyes closed so almost is a monochrome photograph devoid of distracting color but attention now to the content, context and light. Light being an important factor in photography makes more sense to me specially when I factor in that my name means light.

Having hopped from one Island to the next, Long Island has been home for me the last decade where I now live with my wife and four furry friends.

Rivets over the River

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Rivets over the River

“Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.” ~ Martin Parr

SS 1/2500 F 7.1 ISO 800

Can you guess where I took this shot?  If you said the Brooklyn Bridge you are correct!   I saw the rivets and played with the light of the sunset and a shallow depth of field to create bokeh and blur out the skyscrapers. I hope you enjoy…

Connecting the Boroughs

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Skyline, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges span the East River connecting Lower Manhattan to BrooklynView from the 46th Floor of the Millennium Hilton in Lower Manhattan

Waiting for the elevator, I just had to capture this stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge (right) and the Manhattan Bridge (left) spanning the East River to connect Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.

(Nikon D7100, 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, 18mm, 1/100 sec @ f/11, ISO 1000) 

For more photos from my travels, visit Visual Venturing.