Guest Post: David Jensen

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I am David Jensen and my love of black and white photography goes back to the day I bought my Nikon FM at the recommendation of a co-worker. He also took me under his wing and helped me understand the basics of the camera and of composition. After that I was on my own to explore this new way of seeing the world around me. I find that, for many images, removing the color allows for a less distracted viewing of the subject. It also aids in seeing the line, shape and texture of the subject, intent becomes more clear.

Originally from Rochester, Minnesota, I have moved around a bit and now reside in Duluth, Minnesota. Living in northern Minnesota exposes me to a rich variety of subject matter for photography, but I often find myself attracted to seeing the abstract in the natural and in the human made world. The abstract is something I began exploring more in depth after return to school late in life to study filmmaking and photography.
Drawing inspiration from the book, “The Tao of Photography, Seeing Beyond Seeing” I now find myself being much more aware of my surroundings as I wander with a camera.

David Jensen
Northern Visions Media

10 thoughts on “Guest Post: David Jensen

  1. This image invites me to wander down this path and to explore beyond that curve.
    Welcome David and thank you for sharing your words and vision


  2. Welcome, David. I love the intensity of the sun and the pathway leading to it’s reflection on the water. Beautiful rich blacks!


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