European Bison

Black And White Photography, Joerg, Photography

bison4_jaytee59_15 The european bison, also known as wisent, or the european wood bison.
The last free living wisent in Germany was killed 1755.
In Germany  a herd of eight wisents was released into nature in April 2013.
The wisent shown here is living with some more in the “Wildpark Weilburg”.
Up to now there are 500 Wisents  living in several wild parks in Germany.

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11 thoughts on “European Bison

    1. Yes, I was about 2 meters away, they are used to people, for sure there was a wooden fence . They had a baby, which was in the middle of the group, shielded by the adults. I think they would never allow you to get closer to the young.


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