Morning Magic

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Morning Sweetness

Morning Magic

ss 1/125  f 5.0  ISO 1000

This image is from a workshop I conducted through the Heritage Conservancy last weekend.  A group of 8 of us met at one of the Conservancy’s properties for a sunrise shoot.  The sun and sky weren’t quite as dynamic as I would have preferred, but coming across a field with this and two other beauties made the morning extraordinary.  Imagine the horses playing in the field while the sun was rising and the fog lifting.  It was magical!

I have to add that I thought it perfect that her mane was a little messy as though she was waking up with the sun. 😉

10 thoughts on “Morning Magic

  1. While Emilio got distracted by bed head, I went down the Heritage Conservation route. When in PA last weekend, I visited the FLW home Fallingwater, which is managed by a conservation group. The friend I was traveling with works for a Land Trust conservation group.
    Enough digression! Love this sky and any image with a beautiful horse is elevated. Wonderful!!


  2. Morning hair, bed hair, I know there’s a term for it. Always hated the way I looked in the morning, that’s why I shaved my head. Now, when I wake up in the morning I know I look as good as I will all day long. Sometimes that’s a bit depressing. But I like your image here! 🙂 (It’s just that I get sidetracked sometimes!!)

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