Love in Paris

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Bride and groom on Île Saint Louis, Paris, with the River Seine in the background.This photo, in color, was among the first photos I posted to I thought I would revisit it with my “B&W eyes.”

While approaching the tip of Île Saint Louis in Paris with my husband and daughter, we spied this bride and groom posing for photographs. The wedding dress just took my breath away, and with the backdrop of the Seine, I just had to take a photo.

Now, four years later, I realize this was my first attempt at street photography, before I was even aware there was such a thing. I remember very quickly raising my camera to my eye, snapping the picture, and just as quickly walking away. I thought for certain someone was going to come up behind me and grab my camera out of my hands, yelling at me in French that I had done something illegal. But of course, they were paying no attention to me, only to each other. And though, in my nervous haste, I missed capturing their faces, if I had I to do it all over again, I probably would take the same shot — it really was all about that exquisite dress!

36 thoughts on “Love in Paris

  1. I remember this photo from your blog, and I absolutely love it Stacy! You’ve captured such a lovely scene so well! There’s wonderful vitality and dynamics in this photo! Doing street photography can feel quite stressful at first like you say… it was the same for me. But also really rewarding! 🙂


  2. Love the image. Sometimes you don’t need to see faces, the body language says it all. Before visiting your original color version I told myself I would prefer the b & w version but now I’m not so sure. Both are very powerful images. No faces necessary!


  3. IStacy, I see it this way; color version goes for a photo frame, and B&W goes for a magazine! Definitely, this is a great picture, and I also like it much more in B&W, but I have to disagree with all the previous comments about the fact of what makes it a brilliant one.
    Giving for granted the exquisite B&W conversion technique that perfectly highlights those amazing details, already mentioned, for me, the magic of this image is, precisely, what all of you think would be a distracting point. Yes, I’m talking about the faces, or the lack of them. Though absent, they are still a strong distracted point because that half of the woman’s face is too much intriguing, and makes me deduce the story. What is happening? What would it be the real face expression of the bride (and the bridegroom’s)? What (or where) are they both looking at (or to)? Why? It seems to be some excitation; we can infer that something is going on in that scene but, what is it?!
    “That” is the special touch that gives life to this photo!


    1. Jaime, I always love how you look at a photo! Looking for the story behind it, you always add wonderful new layers of interpretation to an image. Thanks for taking the time to think about and write such a thoughtful comment. You know how much I appreciate it 🙂


  4. I like that you didn’t capture their faces. It makes my eyes focus in on the details of their attire that you might otherwise not have done – his short tie, her glittery neckpiece, etc. It’s also good to go back and see how you’ve progressed.


    1. Thanks, Spotted Cow 🙂 Seems everyone is agreeing that no faces were better here! And, you’re right – it was fun to look at an old photo with new eyes (and with developing skill sets). I have to admit, I’d probably post-process that color photo a bit differently now!


  5. The sky, the river, the building, the gloved hand, the shirt and tie, that dress! Faces would have been distracting. Love the movement in this image.
    You story, too, is great … especially your fear that someone would take your camera 🙂
    Love this post!


  6. Although the dress is beautiful, what about the dresses partner?
    The loose shirt and wide tie, combined with a beautifully tailored jacket, someone definitely has a touch of flair, they make a perfect pair.


    1. Even with all the wonders that Paris has to offer, it was one of my favorite memories from that visit 🙂 I hope to return there sooner rather than later. Until then, I know I can always revisit France just by visiting your wonderful photos!


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