Flame On!

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Flame On

Flame On

Participation in Monochromia has encouraged me to seek out subjects that will convert beautifully to B&W (as opposed to in the past when I would convert mostly when the color didn’t turn out quite right.  Hey … Just being honest here).  Anyway, there was much about this gas lantern that drew my eye, in particular, the flame.  Yet no matter how I processed the image, I just wasn’t able to get that lovely orange glow to stand out sans color.  While somewhat disappointed with that, it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that I’d caught the reflection of a flag hanging in front of an adjacent building.  What a nice happy accident!

Okay all you photographers out there: how would you have emphasized that flame?

If you’d like, check out Life on the Bike to see other images from my brief visit to Charlottesville, VA last week.

14 thoughts on “Flame On!

  1. That’s a beautiful lantern! A great photo Laurie, the flag indeed is a wonderful bonus. 🙂 You’ve gotten great suggestions for the flame… I’d say the same… making the rest of the photo a bit darker and adding some highlight and exposure to the flame could help.


  2. Laurie, love the flag!! 😀 Like, Emilio, I work in Lightroom and would have used an adjustment brush specifically on the flame and then played with the various sliders to see if anything worked. A hit and miss approach, that’s for sure, but sometimes you end up with something that works wonderfully.


  3. Great shot, Laurie! I think it might be just as good, though maybe not as dramatic, in color. As for the flame, what joe suggests you might be able to duplicate in post. what I do whenever I have a streetlight or headlights is use an effects brush in Lightroom to highlight the area, then keep making the spot brighter until it looks like the light is on. In a color image I’ll add a yellow tint to the “light”. Something like that might also work, just brighten the flame with a highlight effect.


    1. Good thoughts, Emilio! The flame actually showed up nicely in the color image, and a bit better in a B&W that I did not like as well.
      But there is that flag 🙂


  4. Awesome shot Laurie and I do see the flame but as you mention the flag is an added bonus 🙂 To emphasize the flame I might have tried underexposing the image in increments of 1/3 stops. The rest of the photo would of course get darker.


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