Morning frost

Black And White Photography, Joerg, Photography

Freeze (1 of 1)

This is not a topical picture, I made it in 2013, with the Fuji X 10.
I have chosen the picture for the today’s contribution,
because we had the first morning frost this week.
At night and early morning it gets real cold, but during the day and sunshine it´s very warm.
The summer is leaving and autumn arrives, taking the green away,
slowly the leaves are getting yellow and red, some are already fallen to the ground…

More of my images can be seen at – The Things As They Are In Pictures

17 thoughts on “Morning frost

  1. Wonderful detail and clarity in the shot. We have no yet had frost here (thank goodness). I am just getting a little into BW photography (a beginner for sure) and posted a photo today on my blog if you want to check it out.


  2. After reading your post, I had to go back to your bio and remind myself where you live. Autumn in just beginning in Southwest Virginia. No frost yet, thankfully, as I have not harvested all of my basil yet 🙂
    The photo is really wonderful, Joerg! Thank you for sharing


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