Guest Post: Wade Hewitt

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This is the seventh installment of our Guest Blogger series and I would like to introduce Wade Hewitt. He says he is a newbie to photography but his images do not reflect this. I hope you enjoy his introduction and visit his website.


Believe it or not we actually do have stars, the kind in the sky not actors, in LA. I wasn’t sure if it was possible, but I was able to capture the Milky Way as a beautiful backdrop for a lifeguard station at the beach in Santa Monica.

My name is Wade but I also go by SamoBiker. As the nickname implies I’m a cyclist from Santa Monica, California. Photography is relatively new to me compared to cycling but it’s starting to get more and more of my time. I really love it when I can combine my two passions.

I gave my wife a camera back in 2010, but I don’t think I let her use it much at all as I caught the photography bug right away. Shortly after that I bought my trusty Fuji X100 and have been trying to discover my style ever since.

While I like shooting many different styles ranging from sports, street and lifestyle, one thing seems to remain constant. That constant is, the love of wide angle black and white images with a photo journalism type feel. I’m not sure how I developed this point of view but I think black and white images tell a cleaner story without the distractions offered by color images. As for the photo journalism feel I like it when an image gives the full picture of a scene with a central element in context with what is going on around it.

You can see my work over at SamoBiker

26 thoughts on “Guest Post: Wade Hewitt

  1. Welcome Wade, to the Monochromia crew! I’m the biker chick (the other kind of bike) in the group and the novice photo nut.
    I actually looked at this post yesterday, then went over to your blog, got distracted by some of the images there, and never found my way back here πŸ™‚
    I look forward to seeing more of your work!


    1. Thanks, Ida. There may not be too many posts in the short term as I’m recovering from an injury and unable to make it out to shoot at the moment. Hopefully soon though.


  2. Wonderful photo, Wade. This type of photography is something I really enjoy, although I don’t do nearly enough. I’ve never thought to shoot a monochrome version, and you definitely sold me on the idea! Excellent work.


  3. Wow, wow, wow! Magnificent shot, shooting stars and all. I’m accustomed to seeing stars backdropped against mountain ranges or wide open meadows, but capturing this photo on the beach in Santa Monica AND using the iconic lifeguard station to anchor the image makes for an incredibly wonderful image! Just love this, Wade.

    As an aside, I visited your wonderful city for the first time this summer and had a great time. Even did the typical tourist thing and spent an evening on the SM Pier. It was a photographer’s paradise!


  4. Fantastic shot. Welcome here. I looked up your great blog but I coudn’t find a follow button . I must say I really liked your cycling shots.


    1. Cycling is my passion, glad you liked my non-traditional approach. Thanks for pointing out the lack of a subscription/follow link. I’ve updated my site with a footer link on every page.


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