Tea Time

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Hi, I’m Susan and I’m a tea addict, welcome to my kitchen!  When invited to be a contributor here, I was both excited and nervous. I am fairly new to photography, having been given my first DSLR by my family just five years ago, upon retiring from teaching. I have a feeling they were looking for a way to keep me busy and out of their hair.
Their plan worked and photography quickly became my passion.

I really can’t say that I have a style or a specialty. At this point in my life, I enjoy exploring and playing with all aspects of photography. I especially love capturing little snippets of everyday life, whether in my home here in Northborough, Massachusetts, roaming around Boston, visiting the coast or wandering the trails on the many wildlife conservation areas near me. Black and White photography is a new love of mine, it is teaching me to pay closer attention to light, tones, contrast and mood. I currently shoot with a Nikon d5100 and a variety of different lenses.

Very happy to be here and I look forward to learning a lot from this wonderful team of photographers.

For more of my work, please visit me at Licht Years

21 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Susan, what a wonderful photo for your first post! Capturing your tea kettle in all its steaming glory just speaks to warmth and coziness and a “hey, stop in and sit for a bit” approach to life that makes me wished we lived closer so I could share that cup of tea with you 🙂 Welcome aboard the wonderful Monochromia train!


  2. A boiling kettle . Now that is something that speaks to a Brit in exile :0). Nice shot it falls nicely into what I call art in everyday life. Welcome Susan. If I’m down your way I’ll let you make me a brew ;0)


  3. Hi Susan! So nice to read your introduction, and I really like your photo, wonderful calm mood in it. The steam coming out of the kettle and the fire under it are really lovely!


  4. Nice to meet you, Susan. I’m Emilio! I like this first image very much, though I’m not much of a tea drinker. Enjoy yourself and don’t be nervous. None of us bite. At least, I don’t think so!


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