Time Clash



If you come to Quebec city, don’t forget to take the city tour by horse and carriage, by night or at sunset, it could be one of your best memories from this old garrison-walled city.

Oh! also, don’t forget to call me if you need a private city guide. It will be be real pleasure, there are beautiful terraces and good wine.

23 thoughts on “Time Clash

  1. Meho, I saw your Three Musketeers photo before this one, and now, after seeing this one, I want to visit even more! Glad to know I’ll have a tour guide when I get there 🙂


    1. Absolutely Mark, I saw this carriage coming by my side so I knelt and I aimed the camera toward that building and waited until the horse’s head appeared in the viewfinder. Then I just clicked and held the finger on the trigger.

      Have a good day Mark!


  2. I have been to Quebec city and love the architecture. Love your cropping of this image, too. You really don’t need to see anymore than that. Beautifully processed with deep rich blacks. Nice!!


  3. Meho, I love how you’ve composed the photo. You’ve introduced the idea of a carriage ride without overshadowing the old architecture of the city you are encouraging us to visit. A wonderful combination of photo and story. Visiting Quebec City has been on my bucket list for a number of years, now even moreso!


    1. These details have been reached by using Local Contrast Enhancement from the GIMP’s plug-in G’MIC.

      Thank you David! I know I am late but… Welcome on board! 🙂


  4. Photo d’une autre époque presque! J’aime le cadrage sur le batiment, ce carosse qui surgit et qui passe! Très belle netteté et merci pour le conseil si un jour je vais au Canada 😉


  5. Ok merci pour la proposition , je saurai la retenir pour ma prochaine venir dans ton pays, un jour peut être…. Mais pour moi ce sera sans le vin, mais pour la balade et des discussions photo avec grand grand plaisir 😉
    Sympa ce cadrage inhabituel mais qui ne laisse aucun doute du sujet et qui laisse notre imagination faire le reste.
    Bises Meho:-)


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