The Arabian and His Rider

Black And White Photography


The Arabian and his Rider

The Arabian and his Rider

The Arabian and his Rider II

The Arabian and his Rider II

Today I am sharing two images because I thought it fun to compare perspectives and demonstrate that by moving around a subject, we change the feel and emotions of a photograph.  When we move around our subjects we capture light in a different perspective.  Light is photography so it is important to watch it and use it to capture our subjects – using it to our benefit.  The presence or absence, angle, color, and intensity of light truly can change the meaning of an image.

Have a great weekend everyone!

10 thoughts on “The Arabian and His Rider

  1. Hi, Robyn! I love that you included both images. Each of us will react to these images differently, but if in posting both, you’re hoping to learn out preference, I would choose the first one. The dark contrast of the horse and rider against the overexposed background just makes the image pop for me (who knew that that could really work??). In the second, I feel the horse and rider get a bit lost against the busyness of the leaves. In both cases, though, you captured some wonderful light, and of course, the majesty of this beautiful horse!


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