Light and Shadow

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My WordPress journey began as a chronicle of my life and travels on the bike.  The bigger, planned trips, and the smaller, more spontaneous ones.  As I ride along, I never know when something is going to catch my eye, and inspire me to pull over.

Sometimes I work hard to capture what I see and sometimes I get lucky and the first shot just works.  Other than conversion to B&W, this image is exactly as it was when it came out of the camera.

Let me know what you think and come visit me sometime at Life on The Bike.


24 thoughts on “Light and Shadow

    1. It does seem strange to hide the color, but the light and shadow of this image seemed to work. Thanks for visiting our new blog!


  1. I have to agree with Elina’s comment on this photo. I wouldn’t have thought a flower would look ‘right’ in B&W, but the absence of colour seems to elevate the texture of the petals. I really like it.


  2. I’m sorry but there just seems to be something wrong here. Is it just me, or should a biker chick be taking pictures of flowers? Flowers, for Pete’s sake? Never mind that it’s about the only flower pix I’ve ever liked, the balance between black and white, light and shadow, the texture. I could go on and on but that might tarnish my reputation! Suffice it to say that I will never again be able to imagine Laurie in anything less than a short, flowing, summer dress. With sandals!


    1. -Emilio! What a great comment!! and how appropriate as I took the bike in for a check up and immediately switched to a summer dress in order to take photos at a birthday party 🙂
      Thanks for the smile!


  3. This image is great Laurie 🙂 The sharpness is amazing along with the nice detail in the shadow areas of the petals, perfect exposure. I have not seen the color version but the monochrome version looks just right 🙂


  4. Your photo brings out so nicely the texture of the flower petals. Wonderful light and a beautiful flower. Great photo Laurie, lovely in black and white! 🙂


    1. Elina, I was happy with the way this one turned out. As a friend of mine always says “Right Time, Right Place”.
      Thank you!!


    1. You know? I almost called this “Sans Color” … you are so right. Thanks and truly … I was pretty happy with this one.


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