Magic in the Garden

Black And White Photography

Magic in the Garden

The garden sure is magical this time of year! This is zucchini blossom, tucked deep inside the vines. The light drifted in and out of the vines while I worked, the beauty of it all caught my eye and I had to capture it.

To see this blossom, and more in color, you can visit Robyn Graham Photography.

14 thoughts on “Magic in the Garden

  1. This is a very beautiful, delicate and wonderfully soft photo of zucchini blossoms! Really nicely done Robyn! Joe’s recipe sounds great, I believe I have eaten something like that and remember it was delicious! 🙂


  2. Believe it or not, I’ve never heard of Zucchini blossoms. Now I’m obsessed! You’ve really captured the feeling of nature’s magic in this shot. But because of Joe, all I want to do is taste it!


    1. It’s an Italian thing which is why you never heard of them Emilio, LOL 🙂 I can’t believe you never had these, they are also called squash flowers but zucchini blossoms is a more accurate term. If you go to farmers markets they have them for a short time when in season. You cook them just like chicken cutlets minus the breadcrumbs. Make sure if you do find them they are clean because if you wash them before you cook them you will get splattered with oil no matter how much you try to dry them off. They also only last for about a day or two so cook them right away.


  3. Robyn, this is so lovely! I love the curl of it and the softness, too.
    I thought of your work as I worked on my B&W this week 🙂
    AND I emailed my friend about our FireFighting connections … I’ll let you know what I hear!


  4. Thanks so much Joe! Glad you liked it. I love the blossoms too. One of our local pizza places uses them on top of a white pizza with ricotta cheese…so good!


  5. Outstanding image of one of my favorite things to buy when I go to local farmers markets. Zuchinni blossoms are awesome when dredged through eggs, coated with seasoned flour and lightly fried. Really great job on this image Robyn 🙂


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