Hat Dawg ?

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Dawg (1 of 1)

Nikon D200 and 50mm AF-S f/1.8 Lens – 1/5000 @ f/2.2 – ISO 100

On this particular day I was doing my walk around with a little different camera than I normally would use.  This time I had an old Nikon D200 that already had 185,000 shutter actuations on it and a 50mm 1.8 lens.  I guess you could say it was well broken in.

I had approached Devin and was talking to him about that great hat he was wearing as a way to break the ice and start a conversation with him.  I finally felt comfortable enough and asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I took a street portrait of him and he gladly said “sure”.

Sometimes people agree to a photograph after having a conversation with them and making them feel at ease.

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27 thoughts on “Hat Dawg ?

  1. Joe, how I wish I had enough gumption to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, let alone to ask to take their picture. I’m a very shy person by nature (unless I know you – then no holds barred), so the idea of street portraiture (heck, any portraiture) makes me break out In a cold sweat. Give me an animate object any day 😉 I know I’m not alone in this lament. I think part of my issue stems from still having to think a bit about photographic settings and not wanting to make others wait on me. Or the idea that the photographee might ask (okay, probably would ask, or should be offered) to see the photo right then and … gasp … It was a horrible shot. So at this point, my foray into street photography is of the “shoot-from-the-hip” photo-thief variety, which admittedly makes me feel guilty sometimes too. Argh, such a dilemma.

    All that being said is my (very) long-winded way of saying how much I like this photo and the story behind it and how much I admire your people skills. I find street photography, and portraiture in particular, to be such a fascinating genre, as no two shots will ever be the same. I dare say this gentleman’s positive encounter with you will impact (in a good way) any future inquiries he may receive!


    1. Thank you Stacy 🙂 Sometimes I’m still a shoot from the hip photographer. If you look back at some of the photos on The Visual Chronicle you will see a lot of shoot from the hip photos (I have to warn you there are a lot of photos so you will have to be patient scrolling through) . Sometimes I will even sit in front of Madison Square Garden with the camera on my knee and snap away.

      My wife tells me I could hold a conversation with a tree so I really don’t have much of a problem approaching them to photograph them but sometimes people give off good or bad vibes before you approach them so stay away from the one with the bad vibes 🙂

      Enjoy your Sunday.


    1. My wife always kids around with me that I can hold a conversation with a tree 🙂 I never had any problem talking to strangers but I do understand some peoples hesitance. Thank you and have a great evening 🙂


  2. I loved this shot in color and it works so well in black and white also! I really like the joyful and happy mood you’ve captured! Devin sure seems to enjoy being photographed. 🙂 Great post Joe!


  3. This is such a beautiful image in so many way. I would be very uncomfortable walking up to a total stranger like you did. But that personal contact elevates your shot. Look at that smile!


    1. Thank you Meho 🙂 This is the last Nikon to have a CCD sensor. Now they have CMOS sensors. I have since sold this camera but the D200 along with the D300 were just bulletproof.


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