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While preparing this post, we’re having a quite hot summer day. It’s not so hot as it was earlier this week, but it’s still over 33°C (91°F). I really love these hot days of the year, just because we only have so few of them. Sitting outside with friends ’till midnight only wearing a t-shirt and shorts is sooo good.

The image above is taken in very similar conditions. But, it’s taken in Brittany, France against the sun to create this cut-out look.

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One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Photographed at dusk by the Hudson River, Upper Manhattan, New York

A Walk in the Fog

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It was a 7am power walk and I’d decided not to bring my camera because I really needed to burn some calories.  I took this quick shot, added a little vignette, and posted it to social media.

Thanks, Joe, for encouraging me to bring it to Monochromia.  Thanks, also, for being our amazing monochromatic, charismatic, dynomatic leader!!  Emilio, is dynomatic even a word?  🙂

May you all enjoy the blessings of the season!