Louis at home

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Louis at home © Steven Willard

Good friends are a treasure.

Olympus E-M5 with adapted 55mm f3.5 Micro Nikkor lens, processed in Snapseed.

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Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Rehearsal © Steven Willard

The small cafe in the local natural food store that serves as my office away from home is frequently the scene of spiritual readings, and occasionally used for rehearsing plays. Sometimes the critics can be less than enthusiastic.

Panasonic GX85 with one of my favorite lenses, the Panasonic 20mm f1.7. I used the camera’s ‘L Mono’ jpeg black and white conversion and in-camera square crop.

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The Great Divide

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

The Great Divide © Steven Willard

Separated by age, gender, point of view and experience; how do we find common ground? How do we prevent the over-loud voices from the extremes from drowning out the more reasonable dialogues taking place closer to the center? How do we keep a skeptical eye on the demagogues* without letting our attention on them become fixation?

We talk to one another.

*We don’t need a tweeting Cleon for our time.

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Who do you trust?

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James in the RV © Steven Willard

I won’t trouble with the backstory here, except to say that I needed a place to live and had concluded my best option was a used RV. I live in Connecticut but figured I would find the best deal either in the South or in the sunny Southwest where rust wasn’t likely to be an issue.

I met James on the internet when I saw the RV he was selling. We emailed back and forth then spoke at some length on the phone. The catch was that I was in Connecticut and he was in California. If I wanted to buy his RV I was going to have to trust the voice on the phone; take a leap of faith and fly out to California, which is what I did. I needn’t have worried. James is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, his family is lovely, and the RV was exactly as he described it. I drove it back to Connecticut and have been living in it for three years with no problems.

Sometimes you just have to have faith.

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Smile With Me

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If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love. – Maya Angelou


Steven R

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Steven R

There is some debate about whether or not a portrait should show the eyes to be successful. I guess I come down on the side that says, “it depends”.

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Marc at home

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Marc at home © Steven Willard

I’m glad to call Marc my friend. Former Marine wounded in Vietnam, photographer, camera repairman, a true polymath with more books than some town libraries. I made this portrait of Marc while he was sitting at his bar, lit by one overhead light fixture, one of those hanging things with a large frosted bulb with a white shade.

I don’t take enough portraits of my friends. It’s something I should do more often. You probably should too.

Pentax K5IIs with legacy 50mm f1.4 lens processed in Snapseed.

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The Guard

Black And White Photography, David, Photography

Bilde 084_1611-Edit

One from the achives this week. Taken on the Ffestiniog railway in Wales in 2007

I used a Canon S3 IS . Not bad for a grab shot.


Black And White Photography, David, Photography

20140927-untitled shoot-4-Edit-2

Meet Patrick. Patrick is studying TV and film production.  He asked to borrow one of my old film cameras to use next week. With quite a few to choose from I’ve not sure what to let him borrow …Maybe my F4s that’s bomb proof. Have I helped create a budding media mogul. Who knows :0)