George In Fog

Black And White Photography, Cheryl, Photography

Tilghman Island, MD
Five years ago we installed three Osprey platforms in the cove on which we live. This is the fourth year for the same couple who arrive in mid-March, breed and raise their young before separating and flying to southern points unknown to us. The male arrives a few days before the female and readies the best for his mate’s arrival. I name them after a different tv sitcom each year. For example, last year they were the Barones from “Everybody Loves Raymond”. This year they’re  “The Jetsons”.


Here we have George Jetson who arrived on a rainy and foggy March 21, 2022. Jane arrived three days later and is now nesting on her eggs. We look forward to the arrival of Judy and Elroy.

Collision Course

Alakajay, Black And White Photography, Photography

Composite of an Osprey photographed on Long Island with a Landscape photographed at Arcadia National Park looking down at Bar Harbor, Maine